Recertification for Certified Neonatal Therapists

Neonatal Therapy National Certification Recertification

  • Recertification is required every 5 years.
  • Recertification must be completed prior to expiration of current certification period.
    • Failure to recertify prior to the expiration date of the current certification period will result in non-certified status.  Those with non-certified status who wish to become certified will initiate the process again, including submitting an application and taking the certification examination.
  • Recertification applicants will submit documentation to support the requirements for recertification through their established applicant portal.
Recertification requirements are:
  1. Submission of current licensure/professional credential
  2. Completion of a minimum of 2000 hours of NICU-related practice over the 5-year certification period, which may include:
    • Direct patient care in the NICU
    • Teaching or clinical instruction
    • Mentoring therapists seeking certification
    • Professional presentations (i.e. presentations to residents or nurses, conference presentations)
    • Research, quality improvement, and/or publication
    • NICU program development
    • Leadership/boards/advisory teams related to the NICU
    • Developing/training/testing new products for NICU infants, families and/or neonatal therapists
  3. 60 hours of professional education related to NICU clinical practice over the 5 year certification period
  4. Examination is not required for recertification for those who have met the recertification requirements
  5. A recertification fee, currently $200, is required at the time the applicant completes his/her recertification application.
  6. Review of the recertification application will take up to one month.